Company Halloween Party – 2016/10/22

Hours and date:
10/22/16-2016 at 4:30 PM
Company Location (Private) Calderwood Hwy, Maryville, TN 37801
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Private company event lasting over 6 hours.  Provided DJ service and lighting for corporate Halloween party. Music mix consisted of Dance Pop, Top 40, Future Bass, Trap, House, Electro, and Hip-Hop.  Included some karaoke during slower parts of the evening. Collaborated with 2 guitarists and 1 vocalist to perform a few songs along side them as a DJ:  mixing levels, adding FX + samples, and playing solo drum tracks to popular songs, including Ghostbusters & Don't Fear the Reaper. Update:  Employees enjoyed the music again & requested that Fenrøk return on an annual basis for the Halloween party.  The other musicians would like to work together again.
Funky Bit House Horrendous Indie Glassy Techno Song Grindy Electro Song Atmospheric Amsterdam Trance Hardstyle Tranced Snares First Ever