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Customer Focus

Your needs come first;  we want every event to match your vision.  You, the customer, set the schedule, the direction, and the key points.  As your needs change, we smoothly transition to meet them.

Fenrøk brings your vision to life by setting the mood of each segment with the right sound and lighting.  Whether that be a wedding dinner party with light jazz, a festival style event with electro house, a club style event with hip-hop, the typical Top 40 party, or whatever else that you may decide.

You are #1.

Quality Sound

Music brings people together, when the right music is mixed together.
Adapting to the mood of the room is critical:  blending songs together to create a journey that we all want to take part in.

  • Diverse Music Library:  1930s to Today’s Popular Hits, Soft Rock to Heavy Metal, Soul to Hardcore Rap, Classical to Trance, Jazz to Drum & Bass, Deep House to Hardstyle, and much more.  All in 1,411 kbps (or better) lossless audio.
  • Quality JBL PA Speaker System:  High fidelity full-range loudspeakers with optimal clarity and volume for any event, supported by an optional subwoofer.  Hear and feel the difference.
  • Live Mixing with Modern Equipment:  2 DVS Turntables, a mixer to bring it all together, and a few extra pieces for fun.  Mixes change dynamically between tracks, using various tools:  FX, EQ, looping, scratching, and more.
Vibrant Lighting

Lighting conveys the mood of the event, adds to the fun-factor, and creates expectations for what’s to come.
Dim the lights, bring in some wash lighting for mood, and throw down some lasers & effect lighting for today’s modern dance floor.

  • Wash Lighting: Multi-colored solid lighting for up-lighting walls, stage-lighting, or washing parts of the dance-floor.  It’s practical and sets the mood.
  • Lasers:  Great effect for effect lighting the dance floor, adding some fun while keeping it dim.
  • Effect Lighting:  Lights moving and swirling in various patterns, bringing energy to the dance floor or stage.
Lively Atmosphere

DJing is all about setting a fun atmosphere, where everyone can escape from their daily stress & have a great time!  When music, lighting, & activities come together with the crowd, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Build a Groove:  It’s the musical journey from the event-start to the prime-time of the party.  Think of your favorite song:  it starts slow & builds to the chorus.  A DJ’s set is meant to be the same way, building & breaking down without pause.
  • Welcome Everyone:  The lighting and music welcomes and connects with the crowd, reading & adapting to their responses as the night goes on.
  • Additional Activities:  Group novelty/fad dances, karaoke, and live music performance add an extra spice of fun to unite everyone.  Make it special!
Let's Talk

Every event is special and has its own unique requirements.
Audience, Schedule, Music Style, Lighting, and Venue all significantly impact the success of the event.

Fenrøk is dedicated to bringing the right atmosphere to your next party or event. Let’s discuss your ideas and plans, so we can better suit your needs.

Let’s RØK!  Contact us today.

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